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pdg group

In our recent project for PDG, Neon Sheep Films has expertly woven together diverse filming techniques to capture the essence of PDG’s architectural works. Our aerial drone shots provide a stunning perspective of Melbourne’s skyline and PDG’s impressive structures, showcasing them in a unique and visually striking way.

Beyond the skies, we embraced fast-cutting footage, adding a lively tempo that mirrors Melbourne’s vibrant energy. Inside PDG’s buildings, our gimbal footage smoothly navigates the interiors, delicately highlighting the fine details and design prowess with seamless elegance.

This combination of drone footage, energetic editing, smooth interior walkthroughs, and vibrant music results in a video that moves beyond the typical corporate style.

This video not only enhances PDG’s online presence, boosting engagement and SEO, but it also serves as a versatile marketing asset across various platforms. It demonstrates PDG’s professionalism and commitment to quality, fostering credibility and building a lasting emotional bond with viewers. Designed for both current and potential clients, this video is a testament to PDG’s dedication to excellence in property development and their influential role in Melbourne’s landscape.

The BEST in the business! Neon Sheep Films are incredibly talented, especially Jess who was so easy to work with.

The entire process, from interviewing high-profile clients and Directors, was seamlessly executed.

The end product exceeded our expectation, delivering unreal quality across the drone footage and interviews.

At PDG and Giuliano Group, we wholeheartedly would would recommend Neon Sheep Films for any film project, regardless of size. They have proven to be a reliable partner for capturing moments that matter,. Thank you!

Heather-Rain O'Neill

Brand Manager, PDG


Lamina E-MTB

Ride Ignite engaged our services to increase sales of their top product. This bike retails for $6,990 and they found it hard trying to sell online with just photos. This video was part of a series of videos showcasing what the bike can do and give the customers a feel for the quality of product they are buying. The team from Ride Ignite gave us two bikes, we put them on the back on the van and headed to Silvan Vic to create some content. We spent a day capturing as much content as we could and then returned the bikes the following day. We make it as easy as possible for you so you can focus on your business and we take control over the content.

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