The Porsche Club of Victoria runs an annual race day event at Sandown Raceway. We were brought in to capture the day for the club to use in the following year’s promotional campaign. They opted for a documentary-style video in which we spoke to officials, drivers, managers and spectators to provide an overall understanding of what the day is all about and what those who sign up for the event can expect.


The video used in online promotions was designed to reach new audiences and grow the event.


Brand Awareness

The video was designed to start conversations and spark curiosity around the event.


The video helps explain the race rules and regulations for any new teams looking to join the race.


We’ve worked with the Porsche Club of Victoria over the last two years to build a large base of content from their events that can be used online to encourage more teams to join the race. As well as the long-form documentary, we also created small ads designed for social media promotions.