Hear what it was like working with us on this project from Anthony, the owner of Goulburn Valley Fly Fishing 



Our journey to Montana was an exhilarating adventure that culminated in a captivating 16-minute travel documentary for our client. Our primary objective with this content was to not only promote future trips but also immerse viewers in the authentic Montana experience. The footage we meticulously captured will serve as a timeless marketing tool, enticing travelers for years to come.

Beyond delivering this comprehensive documentary, we went the extra mile by producing a series of concise ads designed to direct potential customers to our client’s landing page. The rich tapestry of content we amassed during our 14-day expedition in Montana is a valuable resource that will be repurposed across various social media platforms, ensuring a sustained impact.

While fishing took centre stage, we also recognized the importance of showcasing the broader travel experience, lifestyle, and top-notch accommodations that are integral to this enticing journey. Our content had to serve as both a persuasive sales piece and a source of entertainment, striking the perfect balance.

We love our job and love creating all kinds of videos but I think when you get to really go all in on a project of this size, really grit your teeth in to something the best of your work tends to come out because you are so invested in it. The passion for filmmaking really starts to shine in this type of work for us and I think this pushed us to take it to the next level.