When we first engaged with KidsCo, they were a new startup company looking to gain further credibility, increase brand awareness and secure some current leads using our video service. Over the school holiday period, we travelled out to Ipswich Hospital to record interviews and film their program for the video. Not only was it a positive representation of KidsCo, but it was also used throughout Ipswich Hospital to share the great impact KidsCo has had on their workplace. KidsCo now offer our video service within their packages to new businesses, which helps promote both parties.



The video helped build credibility for future potential clients.


Brand Awareness

The video was designed to start conversations and spark curiosity.

Secure Leads

The business can secure leads by using the video in pitches.


Over the last two years, we’ve worked closely with KidsCo to create all of their online content and help them establish themselves in the market. They’ve had a number of stories presented on all of the major broadcast stations and were able to send over video packages ready to go, using the footage we’d gathered at all of their programs. This is very appealing to broadcast stations.