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In the realm of Corporate Video Production, we partner with you to transform ideas into impactful visual stories that solve problems. At Neon Sheep Films, we empower your brand with compelling videography that not only communicates your message but also resonates with your audience.

First and foremost, we understand that your narrative is unique. Therefore, our dedicated team tailors our services to meet your specific objectives. Additionally, we bring your corporate vision to life and elevate your online presence through the artistry of impactful corporate video production.

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PDG Group – Corporate Video

In our recent project for PDG, Neon Sheep Films pulled out all the stops to capture the essence of PDG’s architectural works. First, our aerial drone shots provide a breathtaking view of Melbourne’s skyline and PDG’s impressive structures, showcasing them in a unique and visually striking way.

Moreover, we didn’t stop there. By combining drone footage, energetic editing, smooth interior walkthroughs, and vibrant music, we crafted a corporate video that truly stands out from the usual corporate style.

Furthermore, this videography project significantly boosts PDG’s online presence, enhancing engagement and SEO. It serves as a versatile marketing asset across various platforms. Most importantly, it highlights PDG’s professionalism and commitment to quality, building credibility and a lasting emotional connection with viewers.

The BEST in the business! Neon Sheep Films are incredibly talented, especially Jess who was so easy to work with.

The entire process, from interviewing high-profile clients and Directors, was seamlessly executed.

The end product exceeded our expectation, delivering unreal quality across the drone footage and interviews.

At PDG and Giuliano Group, we wholeheartedly would would recommend Neon Sheep Films for any film project, regardless of size. They have proven to be a reliable partner for capturing moments that matter,. Thank you!

Heather-Rain O'Neill

Brand Manager, PDG

Corporate Video Behind The Scenes
Behind the scenes for our Video Production Shoot
Video Production Shoot for Melbourne Brand

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harcourts rata & Co

Corporate videos don’t have to be boring, and the video we created for Harcourts Rata & Co perfectly illustrates this.

First, our concept centers around a new team member who receives a warm welcome and introduction to the vibrant Harcourts Rata & Co team and their state-of-the-art workspace. From the bustling office environment to the collaborative spaces, the video captures the essence of the company’s dynamic culture and modern facilities.

Additionally, at Neon Sheep Films, we meticulously managed every aspect of this videography project – from scriptwriting to casting the perfect talent. As a result, every frame reflects the energy and professionalism of Harcourts Rata & Co. Ultimately, this corporate video is not just a tour of a workplace; it’s a narrative about growth, opportunity, and the welcoming environment that Harcourts offers.

Neon Sheep Films, led by Jess and the team, were excellent to work with for our recent film production. Great communication, patience, and attention to detail throughout the entire process. They delivered a final product that exceeded our expectations and perfectly captured the essence of our brand. Highly recommend and will be using them again!

Robert Ozzimo

Director, Harcourts Rata & Co