Our team at Neon Sheep Films spent a day in the studio with Bonny, creating personalized and detailed videos of each of the 4 products they offer on their website. Each video was designed to highlight the key features, benefits, and unique selling points of the product.




The video was created to explain the features in detail for the customer.


Brand Awareness

Helps to establish the identity and reputation of their products.


Help generate conversions with visual representation of the product.


Creating detailed videos for each product for Bonny was important because it helped to educate potential customers about the products, increase brand awareness, improve online visibility, drive conversions, and create a competitive advantage. The videos provided detailed information on the features, benefits, and unique selling points of each product, which helped to educate customers and increase the likelihood of making a purchase. Additionally, the videos helped to align the products with the brand messaging and showcase them in a visually appealing way, which increased brand awareness and created a stronger emotional connection with customers. The videos also helped to improve online visibility and drive more traffic to the website, resulting in more conversions. Furthermore, creating detailed product videos helped to differentiate Bonny’s products from those of their competitors, giving them a competitive advantage.