We’ve collaborated with Bendigo Bank at three different community branches to increase brand awareness within their towns. The community banks put 50% of their profits back into the community to which they belong, but not everybody understands that banking with them can benefit the local community. We created a mini documentary video series to help tackle this issue, speaking to local groups who’ve received grants from the bank and discovering how they’re using the money. These videos were used on social media, as well as played on screens inside the branches.

Brand Awareness

The series was designed to build brand awareness for Bendigo Bank.

Real Stories

We used real stories to implement a soft-sell approach.

Community Engagement

We used key members of the community to help with credibility for each story.


Our work with each bank resulted in eight short story videos for social media, along with a longer form five-minute video for the homepage of their respective websites and to use in meetings and presentations.