Addikted to ink

Addikted To Ink wanted to showcase their booth at one of the best tattoo conventions Australia has to offer, the Rites Of Passage Tattoo Festival. Our goal was to grab attention early on with fast-pace cutting to attract online viewers, and then take it down in speed to display the artists’ high-quality work. This video was used to run a competition on Facebook to raise brand awareness. It’s the third competition video we’ve created with Addikted To Ink. Combined, the videos have had over 2 million views.



The video was implemented in a competition with the purpose of reaching as many people as possible.


Brand Awareness

The video was designed to start conversations and spark curiosity.


Over 2 million views were accumulated on three different videos.

addikted to ink

Over the last six years, we’ve worked with Addikted To Ink to create a range of online content to build their brand to what it is today. Check out some other examples of different types of videos we’ve used to achieve that goal below.