Neon Sheep Films Collaboration with Ride Ignite

When Ignite Electric Rides approached us, it was clear that this was more than a typical project. Ignite wasn’t just selling electric rides; they were selling a lifestyle, an experience. We, at Neon Sheep Films, were beyond excited to embark on this journey of fusing cinematic creativity with cutting-edge electric mobility

The Lamina Electric Mountain Bike

Ride Ignite was really onto something with their top-tier bike, and they reached out to us for a little magic to boost its online presence and get those sales rolling. They faced a bit of a challenge trying to capture the bike’s true vibe through regular photos. So, what did we do? Well, we decided to shake things up a bit and create an awesome video series. Our goal? To not just talk about the bike’s features but to take potential buyers on a virtual adventure, letting them truly experience the top-notch quality they’d be getting.

We packed our bags, grabbed a couple of bikes, two fearless riders, and headed off to Silvan Victoria. It was a bit like a mini biking expedition, exploring all the cool trails Silvan had to offer. We put that bike through its paces, testing it in different terrains, all while our cameras were rolling.

And speaking of cameras, we brought out the big guns – drones, FPV drones, tripods, gimbals, you name it. We even threw in some slow-motion action and a bit of handheld magic to make those bikes pop on screen. The end result? A killer video that now lives on the landing page of Ride Ignite’s website, and those captivating clips? Well, they’re also stealing the show as a banner on the product page.

So, if you’re thinking of diving into the world of Ignite Electric Rides, trust us, this video isn’t just a click away; it’s a full-blown adventure waiting to happen right on your screen!

The Magic Skateboard

We decided to take a fresh and innovative approach with their skateboard line, aiming to showcase the electric essence of the board as it effortlessly glided through the vibrant streets of Melbourne, sparking interactions with new faces along the way. This unique storytelling method not only engaged Ignite’s customers but also vividly displayed the diverse demographics that could seamlessly integrate with this exceptional product.

The video kicks off with a powerful introduction, capturing the board autonomously cruising through Melbourne’s awakening cityscape as the sun rises, embarking on its quest to make new friends. As the narrative unfolds, the cuts become more dynamic, injecting a burst of energy into the video’s pace. We wanted our audience to feel the thrill of each encounter and experience the lively rhythm of Melbourne through the eyes of the electric skateboard.

To capture these lively moments, we enlisted the help of a trike equipped with a skilled videographer strapped on the back, armed with a gimbal and a Canon C70. This dynamic setup allowed us to smoothly capture the essence of each interaction, showcasing the genuine joy of individuals riding the board. As the paths occasionally narrowed, we cleverly utilized the Ignite boards themselves for tracking shots, adding an extra layer of authenticity to our visual story.

Check out the behind-the-scenes shot below, giving you a sneak peek into the action-packed process of capturing Melbourne’s electric vibes with our innovative trike setup.

The Melbourne Commuter Electric Bike

The collaborative endeavor with Ignite culminated in the production of an extensive video feature, spotlighting their flagship product, the Commuter Electric Bike. This particular video, distinguished by its length, was strategically curated for an imminent caravan and biking exposition where it would be exhibited continuously at the Ignite stall throughout the event’s duration. The thematic essence of the video centered around showcasing the myriad applications of the Commuter Electric Bike, with a particular emphasis on its relevance to couples—the identified target demographic for Ignite.

Employing a filming approach reminiscent of our prior skateboard video, we engaged the services of a trike to meticulously capture the dynamic movement of the electric bikes. The shooting locations encompassed various locales within Melbourne, spanning urban streets, tranquil beaches, and the charming inner suburbs. Despite encountering typical Melbourne sporadic morning rain, the weather conditions improved toward the latter part of the shoot, affording us the opportunity to capture scenes bathed in warm, natural sunlight.

Beyond its showcase at the caravan and biking exposition, this extensive video was strategically repurposed as a prominent banner on Ignite’s official website. Additionally, shorter edits were crafted to cater to social media platforms, effectively serving as targeted advertisements to drive user traffic and conversions to the Ignite website. This video asset, therefore, transcends the realm of a conventional promotional video, serving as a versatile and impactful storytelling tool across diverse online platform.




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