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Nova Coated Lifestyle

Some videos take half a day to film, this one took nearly a full year. To capture all the seasons and the feeling of progression of a brand that was just starting out, it took a lot of patience and planning. Concours Car Care contacted us in the earlier stages of developing their brand enabling us to work closely with them over a long period of time to deliver a well thought out showcase to really launch their brand into the car care scene. The end result is something we are really proud of.

Dyson Ink 4 day sleeve

Instagram plays a massive part in gaining new clients for a tattooist. Dyson booked in a client from Sydney for 4 consecutive days to complete an entire sleeve. He set us the task of documenting it all on camera and producing something that he could post on Instagram. From 4 days of filming and over 15,000 photos we pulled together the most important bits to just 60 seconds designed specifically to fit on the platform. This showcased our strong understanding of story telling only using shots which were really necessary when working with such limited time. The video was very successful for Dyson who now gets a number of clients flying in from around Australia booking in for consecutive days to complete large pieces.


I’m Wrapped GTA?

We have worked with Im Wrapped on a number of different projects over the last few years and with this video they wanted something different, something unique, something to engage their already strong audience base online. We have showcased their craft in a number of short videos but instead they opted for more of a lifestyle video. We love to be given the freedom to work creatively on projects like these and let our story telling ability run wild. If you are looking for something a little bit different get in contact with us today.?

Porsche Club Sandown 360

Documentary film making is one of our strengths here at Neon Sheep Films. Our love for documentary started when one of our projects New Age Needle Junkies took out a Martini Award for Best Documentary in 2015. It really gave us the confidence to implement the skills of documentary film making into a tool to help events and businesses? tell their unique story and give their audience / clients an understanding of who they are and what they have to offer. The Porsche Club wanted to showcase what happened at their event and to get more people wanting to join in the following year. It has been very successful so far with the Porsche Club seeing a large interest in the event for 2019.

Man To Warrior

?Steve Booth got in touch with us to create a full length documentary telling the story of what future clients can expect to happen if they sign up for his Man to Warrior program. We followed Steve and his team around for the 3 days of the program going to workouts, a fitness expo and also to team meetings. We created this short teaser from the full length documentary for Facebook and Instagram marketing so Steve could set up a funnel in order to get details from future clients leading them to the full length film. This type of video is a fantastic way to show your potential customers and clients what to expect when booking your service, forget explaining over the phone, let us help you create a video which speaks for you.?


Addikted to Ink?

Sometimes it is the simple concepts that are most effective. This video took a bit of orchestrating of people and some timing but we found it was extremely effective to showcase the whole shop and how it works by only using one shot. We have all the equipment necessary to create smooth camera movements to achieve your vision.